Kinky Salon Copenhagen

Kinky Salon Copenhagen is a family, a group of friends-of-friends, and so we want to get to know you in advance. We don’t sell tickets on the door or accept new guests on the spur of the moment. Only approved members of our Facebook group and mailing list are sent ticket-buying links and our secret venue is only revealed to ticket holders shortly before the party.

Go and read about our Code of Conduct and the PAL system which all our members must agree to. If you like our ethos and reckon you’d fit right in at our parties then fill out our Online Form and tell us about yourself.

Step one to join the fun is to fill out this form


After carefully reviewing your kinky credentials, the Admissions Committee is pleased to inform you of your acceptance for admission to

Kinky Salon Copenhagen #13 ~ Kink Academy!  


You are about to embark on one of the most mind-expanding educational experiences of your adult life. Kink Academy’s decadent reputation is built on a long and storied tradition of close student-teacher-student interaction, and devotional adherence to the rules and traditions which behove an academy of higher erotic learning.  

Kink Academy is committed to providing students with the finest facilities and an abundance of opportunities for sexual education, including hands-on learning, libidinous leadership opportunities, intimate internships, vigourous volunteer experiences, engrossing research, and of course, physical education. Upon graduation from Kink Academy, you will be well-prepared for a life of delectable debauchery and sexual professionalism in today’s kinky global society.

 You are hereby invited to our secret orientation party at the recently erected Mount Pleasure Campus on April 2nd at 20:00.(First, you must register). We only have seats for 150 students this semester and these will be filled very quickly, so register now!

Upon registration, our Sexretary will send you a welcome package with all the information you need to find the academy and come prepared for an ecstatic first semester. 





You too can volunteer 

We're always looking to grow our community and besides inviting others you trust - volunteering is a great way to get involved. Whether you're a creative type with designs on decor, a practical body who's handy with a screwdriver, a cupcake baker extraordinaire or just plain good at humping things around, we'll be delighted to hear from you. Just press that Contact button and we will get back to you before the party starts!

Can’t wait to see you!




Does it all sound interesting? Please make sure you have read about our Code of Conduct and the description of the PAL system which all our members must agree to. If you like our ethos and reckon you’d fit right in at the party, then fill out our Online Form in order to get on the mailing list and you will receive more info on how to get your ticket.