Kinky Salon Copenhagen

History of Kinky Salon

Our event is the illegitimate lovechild of the 10-year running phenomenon in San Francisco called Kinky Salon, run by dynamic duo Polly Pandemonium (an ex-London native and latex designer) and Professor Violet (a jack-of-all-stages, from puppetry to character acting). The two realized between their experiences in the fetish community and the Burning Man community, they could create an event that would foster a tight knit, creative, playful community of freaks and frivolity. And so they did!

The SF Weekly described it best when they said:

“In a city swarming with sex-positive environments, the result is notable. Guests contribute more than bodies and cash; they contribute time, talent, and ideas, and they support each other’s endeavors both creatively and sexually. Provocative costuming, stimulatory surroundings, and explicit erotic experiences might be anticipated, witnessed, and explored at every “Kinky Salon,” but the sexual aspects are so integrated into the epicurean fabric of the party — the music, the dancing, the photo booths, the slide shows, the toys, the decadent surroundings, and the capricious costuming — that it might actually go overlooked by anyone who came for a slightly less ribald night of creative commingling. The fact is, as sexy as it is, “Kinky Salon” is not about sex, it’s about community-building…”

People dress up in things sensual, weird, sexy, spectacular and everything in between, and often enjoy exploring the proposed themes to create fantastical outfits.  Partygoers are encouraged to participate by volunteering to help with the event, performing in the cabaret, enjoying the diversions on offer, or creating an interactive persona for the night that fits the theme. And, because it’s run as a private party, it has a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, where everyone’s friends and friends of friends. It has established itself in San Francisco as one of the most comfortable parties to bring someone new to the idea of sex positive self-awareness, along with managing to consistently attract women, trans, and queer people.

Kinky Salon has spread to Sacramento, Austin and Middleton since then and reached Europe with the establishment of Kinky Salon London in the spring of 2010.

We ourselves know Kinky Salon from both San Francisco and London, and want to bring all the love, fun and sexy artsy stuff to you Copenhagen. We think you will love it, and look forward to build this community with you!