Kinky Salon Copenhagen

Wanna partake?


We are always looking for creative talents, mad inventors who want take over the world, art installations, acts, performers, DJs, Bands and sexy weird cool fun stuff for Kinky Salon!
Can you recite the secret verses from 'Throg Moggas battle bible', do you want to show the world the Elysian Pancake Rituals or any other crazy ideas that can entertain and engage people! Then email us!

If you are interested in contributing, please send us an email  with the information mentioned below and let us know what you do! We would love to hear from you! :)

1) Installations/Exhibitions
a. Your name and contact information
b. A brief description of your installation/art(plus pictures if possible)
c. How much space the installation/art requires and how your installation/art are to be displayed/installed, e.g. hanged from wall, ceiling, placed on floor etc...
Notice :  We really like installations which in some way or another involve our participants, this does not mean it has to be extremely advanced, quite the opposite in this case, it just mean that any simple interaction between the installation and our participants is greatly appreciated!

2) Performances/Acts 
a. Your name and contact information
b. A brief description of your act/performance
c. The duration of the performance
d. How much space the performance requires
Notice :  We really like acts/performances which in some way or another involve our participants, that does not mean you as performer/performers need to have physical contact with the participants, it just mean that any simple interaction between the act/performance and the participants is greatly appreciated!

3) DJ'ing/Concerts/Spoken word
a. Your name and contact information
b. Your DJ/Band/Artist name
c. The genre(s) you play
d. The duration of your Concert/DJ set
e. Any technical requirements(Rider)

Q: I noticed Kinky Salon have themes for the parties do my contribution need to be themed as well?
A: No, it is not mandatory but greatly appreciated if the theme in some way can be part of your contribution either as a integral part of the thing you do or visually e.g. costumes, but it is not required!

Q: Is sexual content required in my/our contribution for it to be part of Kinky Salon?
A: Not at all, it can be as chaste as you want to, as long as it is weird, cool, fun( and just a wee bit sexy please! ;) 

Q: What expenses do Kinky salon pay?
A: As Kinky Salon is a noncommercial project our budget is very limited, but we can pay your transport and we provide catering and refreshments during the day

Q: You only mention Installations/Exhibitions/Performances/Acts/DJ'ing/Concerts/Spoken word!
What if I/we would like to make a living installation where we write dirty poems about the nights exploits on the 

backs of the Kinky Salon participants during the night??
A: By all means!! Why not! although it requires their consent/acceptance and probably quite some work but damn we would like to see how that would evolve during the night! 

Q: You mention that you like a contribution to be participatory/involving does this mean it has to be like that to be considered acceptable?
A: Not at all!! We  just like everyone to get involved and be participants and not "just audience"! :)

Q: What!! No rules!? There must be some rules!!
A: Not really! Except for the C.o.D. and as in any other situation where one contribute with content in any form, be considerate and respectful, it is ok to provoke but not to offend! 

Q: Ooh boy, are you performancenormative or what, why do I have to perform on stage!! Why not on the floor or flying around midair!
A: You can perform flying around midair if you got the wings and the height of location make it possible! But you are just as welcome on the stage if your performance require that!

Or in other words, there is no limits to your creativity as long as it is within the mindset of Kinky Salon!
Bring it on! ;D

We are looking forward to hear from you! :)

Kind regards
Kinky Salon