The PAL System

To maintain a safe, playful and responsible hedonistic space we use a concept called PAL – Pervy Activity Liaison

Regardless if you define yourself as male, female or not you have to come as part of a couple or trio. Couples don’t have to be male/female. Whatever floats your boat. Nobody comes to Kinky Salon alone and everyone is responsible for the person they come with.

If you are single and want to come to Kinky Salon it’s easy. Just bring a friend (we call them your PAL).

  • You cannot come alone to Kinky Salon you must bring a PAL with you.
  • You have to arrive to the party together with your PAL.
  • You can’t PAL someone you don’t know. You must know them and trust them.
  • Your PAL can be the same gender, a different gender, or even a couple. Up to three people can be PALs for each other, your PAL doesn’t have to be your partner it could just as well be a friend or a lover.
  • You should have your PAL before you buy your ticket.
  • Don’t shop around in public spaces as the Facebook group for a PAL and please don’t ask a crew member you don’t personally know to be your PAL.
  • You are responsible for your PAL’s behavior and they are responsible for yours! Know the Code of Conduct.
  • If either of you violate the charter you will both be held responsible – and possible locked out of future parties.