Kinky salon is built on trust between friends and friends of friends.

What happens at Kinky Salon is supposed to stay there.

We do ask for data about who you are when you apply and store this information while you are an active member. In order to have a history when someone applies to be involved in the organization, we store certain information about which former events you have attended. At any time, you can request an update or deletion of the information and we will remove you from the registry.

In the rare cases where we decide to remove someone (along with their PAL) from a party, we may store that information and block them from future participation.

Private cameras are never permitted at our events, although we do sometimes commission documentary photographers. These images are only meant to be shared and viewed by the participants of that particular event. Photographers will not always interfere and ask for permission from everyone in that situation, but later deletion or masking requests will be accepted. In very rare circumstances these pictures will be used in external communication – this will only happen with the explicit consent of everyone identifiable.

Respecting the privacy of everyone attending the events is the responsibility of each one of us. Not just the organizers.

For questions, requests or complaints regarding privacy please e-mail