Kinky Salon Copenhagen is a cozy, hot, playful, sexy, magic place for creative expression and sexual liberation

Kinky Salon is a non-profit, volunteer community with a healthy positive attitude towards sexuality. We arrange spectacular dressed-up theme parties twice a year. Our community is open to everyone of all genders, sexualities, body shapes, disability statuses and backgrounds. Be you vanilla or kinky; cis or trans; man, woman, non-binary gender queer; straight, gay, pan, bi or try-sexual, we invite you to engage in our artistic and erotic world. We believe in risqué ridiculousness, mischievous masquerading, the intelligent and the inane – and we believe that consent and communication make the best lube. The Kinky Salon movement is active in thirteen different cities from San Francisco to Berlin.

These pages contain information about becoming a member of the Kinky Salon, including our history, our code of conduct, and our PAL System.

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Kinky Salon Copenhagen hosts artful, playful, fun, sex positive costume parties. We do sexy things in the name of art… and artsy things in the name of sex. But most of all we have fun, and embrace all kinds of people and all kinds of sexuality. The Mission of Kinky Salon is to provide a safe space for people of all persuasions to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment – in other words, have fun in a tolerant, safe, consensual, creative and diverse space.

It’s a not-for-profit community run entirely by volunteers dedicated to creating the most fabulously creative space. Kinky Salon isn’t like any other party on the scene. For a start, Kinky Salon is open to all genders, gender expressions, and orientations. Also, it’s not just about sex – it’s about creating a tolerant and thriving community dedicated to self-expression, creativity, participation and love. We believe these are essential to any sensual and sexual exploration.

When you attend a Kinky Salon event, you are not a spectator, but an active participant. Attendees dress up, play with the crazy interactive art installations, and immerse themselves in a co-created environment based on our quirky themes. And we’re proud to say that our crowd is the friendliest, brightest, hottest and most fun you’ll find anywhere.

Sensual, weird, sexy, spectacular and everything in between- our guests enjoy creating fantastical outfits. Partygoers are also encouraged to participate by volunteering to help with the event, performing in the cabaret, enjoying the diversions on offer, or creating an interactive persona for the night that fits the theme. And, because it’s run as a private party, it has an atmosphere where everyone’s friends and friends of friends. It has established itself in San Francisco as one of the most comfortable parties to bring someone new to the idea of sex positivity and self-awareness.

The History

Our event is the illegitimate lovechild of the 10-year running phenomenon in San Francisco called Kinky Salon, run by dynamic duo Polly Pandemonium (an ex-London native and latex designer) and Professor Violet (a jack-of-all-stages, from puppetry to character acting). The two realized between their experiences in the fetish community and the Burning Man community, they could create an event that would foster a tight knit, creative, playful community of freaks and frivolity. And so they did!

The SF Weekly described it best when they said:

“In a city swarming with sex-positive environments, the result is notable. Guests contribute more than bodies and cash; they contribute time, talent, and ideas, and they support each other’s endeavors both creatively and sexually. Provocative costuming, stimulatory surroundings, and explicit erotic experiences might be anticipated, witnessed, and explored at every “Kinky Salon,” but the sexual aspects are so integrated into the epicurean fabric of the party — the music, the dancing, the photo booths, the slide shows, the toys, the decadent surroundings, and the capricious costuming — that it might actually go overlooked by anyone who came for a slightly less ribald night of creative commingling. The fact is, as sexy as it is, “Kinky Salon” is not about sex, it’s about community-building…”

Kinky Salon spread to Sacramento, Austin and Middleton since then and reached Europe with the establishment of Kinky Salon London in the spring of 2010.

We ourselves know Kinky Salon from both San Francisco and London, and want to bring all the love, fun and sexy artsy stuff to you Copenhagen. We think you will love it, and look forward to build this community with you!

Caring behaviour is mandatory

The Kinky Salon Code of Conduct was created by the community and states our intention and our standards. We’ve made it so that it is clear for everyone what we expect from each other participating in our parties. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts and you’ll fit right in:


The long version
Be creative about how you dress. It’s not about having the most fabulous, over the top costume. And it’s not about spending the last of your hard-earned savings on expensive threads. Imagination is free. A sense of humor is free. So just express yourself in whatever form is right for you. But dressing up in some kind of costume is a must, as it helps to create an atmosphere where everyone feels like equal participants. So please never come in standard street wear — jeans, khakis, sportswear and the like are forbidden at Kinky Salon. Our door team will be checking to make sure everyone arrives with an appropriate costume.

Contribute when and where you can. The Kinky Salon community is created through the efforts of everyone involved. If you want to volunteer, perform, or have a creative offering, contact us. We would love to hear from you.

State your boundaries. If someone makes you uncomfortable, for ANY reason, then you should let them know. That includes touching without asking, saying something that offends you, or even just looking at you in a way you don’t like. Be nice, be graceful, but be firm.

Play safely and consensually. Be clear about what your safe sex practices are, and never stick your finger up someone’s butt without asking first.

Respect our space and each other. Being respectful towards each other and our environment allows us to build an atmosphere of trust. 


The long version
Always ask and communicate about what you want and other's intentions. Don't linger unaccompanied in play spaces or stare down others who don't that type of attention. Don't cruise aggressively. There is nothing more unattractive than desperation.

Do not get too intoxicated. Having a couple of drinks is fine, we are all grown-ups. But if you get shit-faced (or arrive shit-faced) we will have to ask you leave. Remember: sober is sexy. We do not tolerate any drugs at our events.

Do not take photographs. Using your cell phone is not welcome during Kinky Salon events. Keep your phone stashed. ANY use of your phone is prohibited.

Do not gossip about what goes on here. At Kinky Salon we feel that valuing people’s privacy is an important part of creating a safe space where everyone can just “be themselves.” So NEVER mention names or specific activities on any public blogs or message boards. What happens at Kinky Salon stays at Kinky Salon.

You need at least one PAL to attend

To maintain a safe, playful and responsible hedonistic space we use a concept called PAL – Pervy Activity Liaison

You have to come as part of a couple or trio. Couples don’t have to be male/female. We honor all pronouns. Couples do not need to be exclusive or romantic (friends are fine!). But nobody comes to Kinky Salon alone and everyone is responsible for the person/people they come with.

If you are single and want to come to Kinky Salon it’s easy. Just bring a friend (we call them your PAL).

Kinky Salon is built on trust

Respecting the privacy of everyone attending the events is the responsibility of each one of us. Not just the organizers.

Kinky salon is built on trust between friends and friends of friends. We do ask for data about who you are when you apply and store this information while you are an active member. In order to have a history when someone applies to be involved in the organization, we store certain information about which former events you have attended. At any time, you can request an update or deletion of the information and we will remove you from the registry.

In the rare cases where we decide to remove someone (along with their PAL) from a party, we may store that information and block them from future participation.

Private cameras are never permitted at our events. Sometimes a documentary photographer is present. In such cases, the images are only shared with the community in a closed forum. Photographers will always ask for permission before taking a picture.

Tickets are only sold to members

Kinky Salon Copenhagen is a community, a group of friends and friends of friends and we want to know new people before they join. We don’t sell tickets in the door and we don’t allow last minute admit entrance. 

Confirmed members of our mailing list will get individual links to buy tickets in time before the event. Once you have a ticket you will get a separate email a few days before the event that reveals the secret location of the party. 

Becoming a member requires you to know someone who is already a member

Please fill out the Online Form and tell us about yourself, who you know in the community, how you relate to our way of thinking, and how you believe you can contribute to the parties.


For questions, please email