Past events

Salon no 21 - Into the woods!

October 23rd 2021

Invocation, Incarnation,
Embody the essence of creation!
Oh, sumptuous fruits!
We return to our roots
Penetrating deep
Where wetness seeps.
Spreading the crevices
To life’s essences-
Soil, rich and verdant
Rapture resurgent!
How the moons have flown...
How the winds have blown...
Hear our forest moan...
Come hither, but not alone.
Druids, cupids,
Beloved gender fluids,
Dancers, enchanters,
Sensual nympho-mancers,
Witches, switches,
Revive your carnal wishes!
Explore expression
Sex magic obsession-
We are all interrelated,
Our deviance is celebrated!
Caress the hearty wood,
Growing firm and enduring.
Kiss the orchid petals,
Enticing and alluring.
Run your gentle fingers,
Along the mossy knoll.
Sip the evening dew
And rejuvenate your soul.
In our sacred grottoes,
We’ve kept the fires burning,
Awaiting this hunter’s moon
To quench our fervent yearning.
We’ve thirsted and we’ve dreamed,
We’ve weathered and withstood.

Join us now, on our magical journey

Theme: Into the woods!
Costume: forest creature/spirit/character

Spring Cruise

Saturday, 15 May 2021

The pandemic year and winter has been long, lonely, and isolating.
With body contact problematized due to disease transmission, many have experienced loneliness, despair, boredom and ‘hudsult’. Our circles of contact have shrunk, and our selection of sexual partners has withered, sometimes down to zero ☹.
It feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is a loooong way away.

But spring is here!

Flowers have begun to bloom in the frozen landscape of our city and in our loins. Lust is slowly returning, and is yearning for an outlet, for fresh skin to blossom and flow. But where do you find kinky playmates in the middle of a pandemic, when social contact is scarce?!?!? For this, we must return to our roots, and how things were done before there were clubs, parties, workshops and gatherings. Lets do it like our ancestors did it, in the great outdoors!

It is with lustful pleasure that the kinky salon crew invites you to our outdoor cruising salon. Just like the queers of old (and not so old), we return to the culture of cruising in the parks. We invite you to a Saturday afternoon cruise where you can make new connections, reconnect with old flames, or just find some new eye candy for your spank bank.

The rules of the game are as follows:

We all get to a public park at a specific time window, where you will meet one of our lovely greeters, who will provide you with a colored piece of fabric which we display to recognize each other. Based on what the gathering limit is for associations (yes, we are an official association), those who click attending will be randomly assigned to a time slot between 15 and 17. Once you don your special kinky cruiser flag, you will then stroll around in the greenery, flirting from a distance that makes you feel comfortable, until you see someone (or two or three) you fancy, who are also identified with the colored flag. If the interest is mutual, feel free to approach and chat and flirt, with the usual rules of consent. If the sparks keep flying, and you want to take the cruise further, then it is time to get out of the park and go somewhere more private (i.e. your place or residence or somewhere else), and get your kink on. Please remember to bring back the flag when you leave the park, so we can pass it on to the next batch of cruisers. The park is primarily for cruising and flirting, but you are of course welcome to do what you want as you dare. Remember that the park is open to the public, so try to be as discrete as possible 😉 😉.

Passionate Picnic

Sunday, 27 June 2021

The spring is upon us, and we are missing you all!!

Hence we have decided that it is about time to make a picnic for all our favourite kinksters.

We hereby cordially invite you to join us at one of the local parks in CPH once a month for a series of Passionate Picnics with lots of laid back cozyness, intimate talks, and scrumptious snacks. Let's excite each other with good company, all you need to do is bringing blankets, beverages, and snacks, and of course flirts, flings, friends, significant other(s), dates, whoever you like as long as you all bring good vibes.

Salon no 20 - The Sexual Revolution

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Throughout the epoch of Kinky Salon’s history, together we have created sex positive soirées of the highest calibre and style. Through our decadent revelry, our purpose has been to break down the taboos and restrictive social norms of the old bourgeoisie order, which have too long oppressed people for their sexual attractions, fantasies and inclinations. We lust for a world where we can be our full sexual selves, without fear of shame, scorn, or persecution. So we have licked, sucked, and fucked towards that shining day where we can freely express ourselves and our wildest sexual desires. Our hedonistic bacchanalias have now thrust us into this climactic moment.

The time is upon us! Come forth, now, in all your sexy, liberatory, and kinky forms - and upon the face of the whole world, let’s spread wide our arms, legs, and orifices to squirt forth our revolution!

It is therefore with intense pleasure and desire that we invite you to help make the 20th Copenhagen Kinky Salon the start of our explosive sexual revolution! We recall our roots, the 19th century salons, as places for the creation of new paradigms, self-expression, and deep sexploration. So come ready to explode restrictive norms, be it gender, sexual orientation, kink, sexuality, hedonism, or artistic expression. Have you a flair for the avant harde? Are you a budding boobhemian? A dedicated diehard dildoist? An abstract sexpressionist? A modern consucktivist? Maybe a revolutionary ni-hole-ist? Through every mAssterwork we co-create, our community’s power and self-awareness waxes and swells.

Dive deep into your Freudian closet and root out any inhibitions holding you back, or that no longer serve you. Then dive deeper into your actual closet and come out donned in your freest norm-exploding costume, ready to fuck and fight for our sexual liberation. You are always welcome to come as one of your previous incarnations, as every assemblage has been a step towards this fateful night. Take on something which emboldens and empowers you, to show the world your sexuality, and join the hedonistic struggle to erect our sexually liberated future .

On the 23rd of November, at 21:00 sharp, we join together in our secret underground headquarters. From here, we will set forth on our sexual revolution, when we use our steamiest orgasms to explode sexual norms in an orgiastic shower of ecstasy - a sexsplosion!

¡Viva la revolucion!

Theme: Sexual Revolution
Costume: avant and contra garde, revolution and sexualition

Performers lounge, online edition

Friday, 3 April 2020

We find ourselves in challenging times.

Just as the sexual revolution was blossoming, and the rites of spring were beginning to bud, a plague has swept across the globe. In this plague, our bodies, lips, tongues, touching and even sexy whispers have become dangerous carriers of disease. Thus people have good reason to keep to themselves and practice social distancing and hopefully a lot of self-love. While this will hopefully slow the spread of the disease, it risks taking a toll on our desires, our sexual liberation, and our need to be physically close to people. Even when we eventually emerge from our physical isolation, this plague threatens to make us afraid of touching each other, of being intimate with strangers (sexually or otherwise), and of co-creating wild hedonistic parties. To fight these fears, we will come together (virtually) to keep our desires burning. We will put our bodies on the line (and on our webcams) for the good of our collective pleasure, and.......cause it’s hot.

It is with this mission that the dirty people at Kink Salon Copenhagen invite you to KSC’s 2nd performer’s lounge, Corona quarantine online edition! Just like every kinky salon party, this is a participatory event, but this time we open the stage to those who feel the call to duty. We are calling on all our exhibitionists, cam kittens, naughty wordsmiths, and aspiring artists, to come and show what you got in front of the adoring eyes (and webcams) of the kinky salon community. Have a sexy strip you want to share, a hot sonnet, a solo rope performance, or anything else your dirty minds can dream up in this time of isolation? Can you keep it to under 3 minutes? Then fill out this form and tell us a bit about it, and we will work you into the night’s festivities. Interactive performances are greatly encouraged! The deadline is the 31st of March, so get those creative juices flowing. We will have various rooms, and even a dance floor, so we will provide

Salon no 19 - Hot Dock Nights

Saturday, 30 March 2019

It’s another steamy and sweaty night on the docks. The humidity is so thick it smears to your face like some chippy’s cheap cherry lipstick, and drips between your legs. On a night like this, seductive secrets slink behind every black shadow. Every white pearly necklaced sailor, red robed femme fatale, and greasy dock worker has something to hide. Maybe it's a dirty secret, maybe it's a filthy fantasy, or maybe it’s something special smuggled where the sun don’t shine. Whatever it is, we’re here to expose them, and air it all out under the streetlights. That’s why you came to us, the kinky detective agency. We’re gonna find what you need, and we’re gonna give it to ya’.

And it’s a good thing you came our way. There’s something afoot on the docks tonight. The seedy souls that populate these piers are all out and about: the salty seamen, the hard working longshoremen, the luscious ladies of the night, the grifters, the double-dealing doxies, the cross dressing coxswains, the sleazy smugglers, the undercover bulls, the gamblers blowin’ their last two bits on the bangtails and all the other lowlifes shooting their silhouettes across the alleyways. There’s something in the salty air, and something tells us someone’s gonna get fucked tonight. Who knows, maybe if you’re lucky, it’s gonna be you. Whoever and however it is, the dicks for hire at the kinky detective agency are gonna get in the bottom of this mystery. But now we got a big one on our hands, and we can’t do it by ourselves.

If you want to get a piece of this action, meet us on the docks at 21 sharp, Saturday the 30th of March. Come in your best getup, and don’t come alone. Be sure to bring a PAL or two. This ain’t no place for the faint hearted or straight-laced. Around here we ask for what we want, and we don’t waver with our answer. Remember that, and it is the kind of place where dreams are made.

Genre: 1940s-50s film noir
Setting: The docks
Costume: film noir, dock and harbor characters.
Color schemes: black, gray, white, and a little red if you’re daring

Salon no 18 - Kinky Zoolon

Saturday, 17 November 2018

You-hoo, Party Animals!

It's us crazy apes over in the monkey house

You smell that? it’s mating season again! We are hot and horny and aching to get out of these lonely cages!

What to do? What to do? Well we swiped the keys to the whole zoo and hid them in some poo! The zookeepers haven’t got a clue! Woo hoo!

On the night of November 17th, after the zookeepers are gone, we open all the cages, and will throw the wildest party in the history of the zoo! Come all animals! You bears, you otters, you bisons, you beavers, you bunnies, you horny toads, you shags, you skinks, you cougars, you purring pussy cats, you engorged snakes, you blue-footed boobies, you tail swingers, yes, all of you!

Preen your fur, feathers, scales or skin, get all shiny and dive right in, to shake those tails and come explore, our kinky zoo habitats like never before!

It’s true! We’ll be unleashed, unshackled, and set free to monkey around, prance and prod, sniff and lick, cuddle and curl, all night long at the Kinky Zoolon!

Find yourself a party ani-PAL (or two), and bring something special for the collective watering trough. We can’t wait to see you!

Poo,Your friends in the monkey house, at the Kinky Zoolon

Theme: Zoo and Monkey business
Costume: Animal and animistic

Salon no 17 - Panspermia - seeding the planets

Saturday, June 2, 2018






Salon no 16 - Dr. Kinkenstein's Candy Carnal Carnival

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Are you ready to get sticky, my colorful candy-poppers?

For I am the Great Dr. Kinkenstein! Captain Carny of the Candy Carnal Carnival!

Cum, cum... all you candid chocolate bunnies out there… all you mischievous, mouthwatering monsters! Yes, yes, closer now! Ooh, I’m just oozing to reveal to you my delightfully delectable plan:

On November 18, when darkness falls, the Candy Carnal Carnival opens! Vivid lights, tempting sounds and smells allure you… See? The cotton candy is fully fluffed, the games are wound up, the rides are all oiled and lubed! Cum have a spin! I dare you! Now eat, or be eaten!

You are now under my seductive spell… yes... can you feel it? Can you taste it?

Dust off your carny attire and wipe that goo off your lab jacket! Charge up your electrical equipment, steamclean those trapeze tights, touch up your rainbow wig, and polish that clown nose. Bring your wonky PAL, your co-monster creations, and your sweet experiments! Tonight, I need your kinky collaboration!

It's going to be sugar-horrific!

Sticky Licks,

Dr. Kinkenstein

Salon no 15 - STUDIO 69

Saturday, 18 March 2017

What it is, Kinksta!?!

Dust off those dy-no-mite disco duds and start blooming that bush because it’s high time to do some shuckin’ and jivin’. Studio 69, Copenhagen’s foxiest 70’s smut house, is opening its couch and zippers for a casting call extravaganza!

It’s an audition party- can you dig it? Oh yeah, baby! Cum display your shagadelic talents on the casting couches, the disco floor, or in our exclusive ‘backstage’ playa-room. Enjoy the pornaoke, sexy-soul-train-slide, slip-up-drip-down, half-clad-all-bad, blowjob-o-rama, and get that boogie ON to the bone! Dud yourselves out in your best 70’s garb, channel your inner disco diva, smut slut, or 8mm dandy, and see you at STUDIO 69!

You feelin’ me, Sugar?

Remember to bring your PAL, and may the jive be with you.

Get your tickets now because our parties sell out like Greased Lightning!!

Costume: Strictly 70's porn audition style

Salon no 14 - Here Cums the Bride

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Because you have so deeply touched us with love and slippery bliss,

Our kinky family requests the pleasure of your presence on

Saturday, the fifteenth of October at (eight) o’clock in the evening

At a secret location in Copenhagen, Denmark

To share in the joy of horny matri-moaning

Weddings are a time for joy, ecstacy, celebration, the joining of flesh with flesh, and the cumming together of a community. With KSC 14: “The Kinky Wedding: Here cums the bride!” upon us, we kinksters decided it is time to make this thing official.

Show your love and devotion to KSC, and join us for a night of unions, marriage, ceremonies, dancing, playing, and all the usual kinky shenanigans. Come in your kinkiest wedding attire from whatever angle you desire (bridesmaids, bachelorette party strippers, priests/rabbis, flower men, etc.). Come share sexy wedding traditions from your own culture or clan. It’s a ceremonial evening where you can marry your lover, marry your other lover, marry a stranger, or marry your favorite sex toy- Come tie the knot, or tie other people in knots- then consummate your new unions! Commit for a night or until la petite mort do you part. Bring a ring (or two or three) for indecent proposals, and of course something to share in the reception bar (everyone brings drinks to give to the bar, and then we all drink for free). But most importantly of all bring your sexy self and your sexy PAL.

Theme: Sexy wedding

Salon no 13 - Kinky Academy

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Kinky Academy has just sent out letters of admission for attending the coming semester!

Kink Academy’s decadent reputation is built on a long and storied tradition of close student-teacher-student interaction, and devotional adherence to the rules and traditions which behoove an academy of higher erotic learning.

Kink Academy is committed to providing students with the finest facilities and an abundance of opportunities for sexual education, including hands-on learning, libidinous leadership opportunities, intimate internships, vigorous volunteer experiences, engrossing research, and of course, physical education. Upon graduation from Kink Academy, you will be well-prepared for a life of delectable debauchery and sexual professionalism in today’s kinky global society.

Copenhagen Pride Parade

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hello fellow kinksters!

This year, we are going to stand united in sexual diversity along with all of our LGBT-etc. friends at the Copenhagen Pride Parade on 15th August 2015:

The parade starts at 13:00 Frederiksberg Rådhus, we meet up and get ready at 12:00 – dressed in KSC-style for the occation by honouring our theme; Sexual Diversity:

Yes, you can come as a flaming angelic homo (sapiens) on roller blades with bubbles blowing out your tushy… or how about revealing your inner tranny-Goddess-soul dressed all in pink-punk-fairy-dusty-dress-up wearing your heart on your sleeves chanting: “May my piece be with you”?…. or something that simply shows your true ((a-?)sexual) colors – out and proud!

We’ll make sure to bring a banner – just bring yourself, your BFF’s and your very own supply (maybe to share) of snacks, drinks and happiness (yes, you are welcome to bring a cart or trolley to carry your own stuff if it gets too heavy wearing heels)!


After the parade we encourage everyone to join us as we participate as guests at Manifest Fetish Fashion Party: - from 22.00 to 04.00 at Søpavillonen, Gyldenløvesgade 24, 1369 Copenhagen K.

Don’t forget to buy your own ticket for this event (People under 27 are half price in the door) - and check out the strict dress code on the website – you may want to dress to impress for both occasions or bring attire for the on set changing room.

We’re proud to party with you – come and join the Sexual Diversity Wave with us, and don’t forget to sign up for the event so that we know you’re coming!

Blowing kisses in all the colors of the rainbow all over you


The KSC Crew

Sankt Hans at Illutron

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

It is time for our annual Sankt Hans at Illutron. This is a cosy bring your friends and your kids event where we hang out and meet new great people.

The BBQ will be ready from around 6pm, bring along meat to cook, drinks for all night, and supplements to share with everyone. We´ll arrange for salads and bread.

If you want to participate in the BBQ then you will need a ticket. Buy it in advance so you are sure to get one. A very limited number of tickets will also be sold on the spot - first come, first served. If you don´t want to participate in the BBQ, feel free just to drop by or hangout without a ticket 🙂.

As always, we love it when you participate! We want you to be creative and to create the shared atmosphere.

Here are some suggestions:

* Can you play music (guitar, horns, dj etc)?

* Do you want to make a perfect grill area?

* Do you want to create an amazing fire dance?

* Do you have some nice blankets or pillows and you want to make a cozy hangout area?

* Do you want to make coffee or cake?

* Do you make killer mojitos?

* Do you want to make sure that the place is spotless clean after the event?

In the end it is completely up to you and your mood. You take the iniative! ...and please, if you can, let us know what you are planning to contribute with so we can add it to the event text.

PS: Children of 12 years and below can participate for free! 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Salon no 12 - Kinksternational Airport

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dear fellow kinksters and International Globetrotters

The KSC crew happily announces the boarding call for the upcoming flight: International Airport – fly me to your dreams!

Make sure that your luggage is sexcurely packed and ready for take off at 28th of March 2015.

Bring your multipass and further items (instructions to be found in the official invite, by now sent to everyone on the Kinky Salon mailing list) and join us in this artful co-creation.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.”

- John Lennon

Sankt Hans at Illutron

Monday, 23 June 2014

It is time for our annual Sankt Hans at Illutron. This is a cosy bring your friends and your kids event where we hang out and meet new great people.

The BBQ will be ready from around 6pm, bring along meat to cook, drinks for all night, and supplements to share with everyone. We´ll arrange for salads and bread.

If you want to participate in the BBQ then you will need a ticket:


Feel free to drop by or hangout without a ticket.

This year we want you to participate! We want you to be creative and we want you to create the a shared atmosphere. Here are some suggestions:

* Can you play music (Piano, horns, dj etc)?

* Do you want to make a perfect grill area?

* Do you want to create an amazing fire dance?

* Do you have some nice blankets or pillows and you want to make a cozy hangout area?

* Do you want to make pancakes, cake?

* Do you make killer mojitos?

* Do you want to make sure that the place is spotless clean after the event?

In the end it is completely up to you and your mood. You take the initiative.

PS: Children of 12 years and below can participate for free! 🙂 See less

Salon no 11 - Outcast Ark - Anoh and the latecomers

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Noah’s naughty little brother, Anoh,

hereby invites all you furry latecomers who couldn’t make the first boat to join us for a lecherous evening of creative animal mischief on our own secret ship, The Outcast Ark.

The Outcast Ark will fill up quickly as the real flood is coming soon, so get your tickets as soon as possible and watch the boat fill up with creatures of all shapes, sizes, colors and inclinations!

Salon no 10 - The Degeneration of Kink Arthurs Court - Scandals of the roundtable

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Come hither fellow Kinkster!

The Court of Kink Arthur calls thee forth for scandals of the roundtable, a great night of debauchery in the most splendid of all Castles.

Bring yourself and your chivalrious pals (and maybe a few pages) together with the local lecherous lords and lovings ladies.

Be thy aim a crusade for courtly caresses or lecherous loving? As long as you abide the law of the land you are most welcome to celebrate the 10th Kinky Court (Salon) with all the kings, queens, dirty damsels in distress, voluptuous vassals, naughty knights, perverted pages, sexy serfs and of course only the most juicy of all the jesters you can imagine!

The Court of Kink Arthur hereby declare everyone welcome to join this fantastic festivity with charming coronations, jolly jousting, holy heralding and maybe even a few beautiful beheadings

Let there be great rejoicing and Long live the Kink Arthur!!!

Please remember that tickets will not be sold at the door, so make sure to buy your ticket well in advance, as space is limited and the tickets will sell out. Now is a glorious time to invite some arty sexy kinky friends to come along, so you won't be left without a P.A.L. The venue is always in Copenhagen, but will be kept secret until a few days before the event, where ticket holders will receive directions.

Salon no 9 - KISS - Kinky International Space Station

Friday, 8 November 2013


Due to an unknown catastrophic event, all reproduction and sexual interaction by intelligent creatures in the universe has ceased. We, the few who have survived, must meet to share all our universal knowledge, gifts, talents, and expertise on the Kinky International Space Station (KISS). We must find a way to fix this mysterious loss of interspecies sex-drive, libido, lust, and reproductive activity.

We need you to invent new ways to ignite extra-terrestrial ecstasy and interspecies desire. Anything from interstellar fertility rites to genetically-enhanced aphrodisiacs. Bring your solution to this ‘Orbital Orgy Laboratory’ for testing with other kinky aliens.

We are the last hope in the universe!


Sankt Hans at Illutron

Monday, 23 June 2013

It is time for our annual Sankt Hans at illutron. This is a cosy bring your friends and your kids event where we hang out and meet new great people. This year we want you to participate! We want you to be creative and we want you to create the a shared atmosphere. Here are some suggestions:

Can you play music (Piano, horns, dj etc)?

Do you want to make a perfect grill area?

Do you want to create an amazing fire dance?

Do you have some nice blankets or pillows and you want to make a cozy hangout area?

Do you want to make pancakes, cake?

Do you make killer mojitos?

Do you want to make sure that the place is spotless clean after the event?

In the end it is completely up to you and your mood. You take the initiative.

Salon no 8 - The Quest for the 8th Deadly Sin

Friday, 31 May 2013

We have received a Papal Decree.

The new Pope Francis I has announced a quest for religious reenchantment. The Vatican has just entered the new milennium and radically decided that:

We need more deadly sins!

Come join us for a night of blaspemic epiphanies and aid in the development of the New Religion. The New Ecumenical Fashion Show Communion Ceremony starts at 21:00 on May 31th, anno 2013 at a yet undisclosed location. You will be asked to walk our Cardinal Catwalk before partaking in the obligatory Eucharist Welcoming Refreshment. His Emminency will commence the evening with newest announcements from the Intergalactic Vatican Messengers:

The legalisation of Gay Marriage.

A formal accept of the Bhoddisatva as a legitimate religeous entity.

A formal apology for all aspects of the Inquisition not related with sexual bondage acts.

Plans for the remodelling of the Astral Projection Papa-mobile.

Recipes from his newest cookbook, "Blessed Tasty Delicacies to Find Extasy By" / or "Blessed Tasty Delicacies for Ecstatic Bliss"

His newest collection of Consecrated Undergarments

The opening of the new Vatican Museum of Historical Flagellation Instruments

This is, thus, a formal invitation for you to come and celebrate Papa's faith-warming party by bringing and sharing your ideas for the improvement of the New World's Religion, which is to be introduced this fall in Rome at the 1st Annual Council of Papal Reincarnation.

Bring your purified soul in the very holiest decorum with all most effective reliquaries (and your own drinkable holy water) and meet with other lost sheep to:

Write the next 11 Commandments together / (or rewrite the 10 Commandments)

Meditate your way through the Apocalypse

Purify your senses in the Temple of Holly Outercourse

Design the Duality Deconstruction Dance

Find your own interstitial space between Sin and Salvation

Hot blessings for all the faithful sinners,

Your Pope

Salon no 7 - Winter Bachanalia

Friday, 31 May 2013

Kinky Ceasar has decided that his very best Generals, Lovers, Servants, Helpers, Muses and Slaves deserve the VERY best of all that ancient Rome has to offer and has, thus, Summoned you (Yes, You!) to his winter Bacchanalia. The party starts at the Baths where all loyal subjects will undress, scrub and massage each other in preparation of the grand feast to come.... We will then proceed to the Tribunal in Rome, where you will be asked to participate in and partake of an evening of: Feasting, Corporal pleasure, Musing, Ancient Politics, Intrigue, Punishment and General Decadence, as the Roman Empire slowly declines and falls upon us during an orgy of participatory costume-food-performance where you, for a time, will be both Muse to the Caesar, Subject of the Senate and Slave to the Great Cleopatra... Beware, Ye All, her Panther’s deadly claws! So come if you dare. The ticket price is kr. 350 which includes bath, feast and

Bacchus’ own love potion ad libitum.

You will be asked to bring your own white toga, bare feet and

transportation from the baths to Rome.

The Tribunal Awaits Your Presence!

Salon no 6 - Naughty Nippon
Friday, 23 November 2012

Whisper sweet nothings
But first you must tie me up
At Naughty Nippon.

Kinky Salon goes Japan for a night where ancient Tea Ceremonies meet J-pop cosplay and with maybe even a sliver of hentai! We invite you to celebrate the extreme and quirky sides of Japan with us; participate in this weirdo tv unreality show where you are the performers!

Come join us in an exotic world where tentacles slither lustily up the inner thighs of babyfaced geishas with pubic cherry blossoms

Where secret Zen gardens are ravished by demonic lust, gazed upon by a thousand paper lanterns.

Where the masked dancer is taken into writhing ecstasy by the golden aural dragon.

This sounds wonderfully weird.

But where is the station, where does the Oriental Hedonistic Odyssey Express leave?

Well, that is a well kept secret for the few. First you make sure to get ticket at the counter that is to be found on the email you get in your inbox.

And as you know, nobody get's there alone, so find your PAL or two and get there together.

So what is there to pack? What to bring on a voyage of kink to Naugthy Nippon?

Bring your own booze. And a bit extra. But not only that.

Bring your own thing. Bring something you want to share. Bring some little gift that you can share with somebody else. Maybe you want to do your own tea ceremony or indulge your special magic trick. Maybe you'll wear a 'Free kisses' sign.

Kinky Salon is a co-created experience and we love to see you bring with you your own little quirky Japan!

But most of all, bring your exquisite self!

Because purple penis tentacled monsters need lovin' too!

Salon no 5 - Performer's Lounge

Friday, 5 October 2012

Beautiful, playful kinksters...

We invite you to join a new kind of experiment! A small, intimate lounge where everyone performs... yep, that’s right - we dare you to enter the limelight! Get ready for October 5th.

Get yo freak on

This friday night, everyone will dress up as a character, give it a try on stage, and enjoy a few good laughs or perhaps the kind of beauty that your parents didn't tell you about.

SIGN THIS FORM to sign up for the party. We'll get back to you with further details about purchasing your tickets etc. Link:

Smallest stage in town

We’ve got a small, but fantastic venue with a wonderful stage, and room enough for around 50 people that don’t mind getting close. It’ll be intimate, daring, cosy, spectacular, and - with bubbles for all. As usual we’ll provide suggestive furnishings.

After show party

This will be our performer’s lounge. The night will be a great and fun way to sketch out some sexy, fun, dramatic, silly or really artistic ideas in front of eachother. After a couple of hours we’ve all been on stage, the performances have ended and the lounge turns into an intimate version of our raunchy parties

Sankt Hans at Illutron

Monday, 23 June 2012

Dear lovely people, dear copenhagen kinky salon community

We love partying with you - extravagant costumes, art, show, crash-bum-bang.... BUT, we would also love to get to know you!

Just hang out and enjoy each other's company.

Join us for a cosy Sct Hans evening at Illutron, organized by your Kinky Salon organizers crew. The plan is BBQ, wine around the bon fire, hanging out in the sofas under the open sky, re-telling all the old stories from the very first Kinky Salon in Copenhagen.

The location of illutron is Alliancevej, Teglholmens Østkaj 43, 2450 Kbh SV. The BBQ is ready from around 7pm - Bring your own meat, drinks for all night, and supplements to share with everyone.

Kids are welcome, and so are good friends that you want to introduce to the community.

Salon no 3 - Hotel Utopia

Saturday, 24 February 2012

Come for the opening night of Hotel Utopia - as an honorable guest with class and style, or spontaneously staff the hotel as you think an 8-star hotel should be staffed. Hotel Utopia is in need of naughty maids, butlers, smokey jazz pianists and champagne girls.

Let's get together to create a hotel of lust and kink where the champagne is tastier, the service more personal, the maids are sluttier, and the giggolos take better care of clients like Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Check in as a dirty-rich oil-sheick and get a luxury treat by the hotel staff. Or come in the back door and let your kinky servant come alive.

We are delighted to offer you and your Pervy Activity Liason a splendid occasion to give each other or other clients a luxury treat!

Slutty maids, smokey Jazz musicians, high-class gigolos or mafia bosses: remember thee to always know the name of the game and the tone of the flute in our very own - code of conduct.

Salon no 2 - Royal Scandal

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Inspired by recent affairs in the circles of Prime Ministers, Presidents and Kings we thought that we could and should outdo their debauchery by several lightyears.

A sort of bottom-up bottoms up, for the people by the people.

Ungabunga - right back at ya, baby!

We are delighted to offer you and your Pervy Activity Liason a splendid occasion to show them crooks that while empathising with their lusty needs, we not need power nor prostitution to get it on!

So get your bling together and dress up like the Kings and Queens, Presidents,

Princesses, Princes, Horsebreeders, Paparazzis and Mafia bosses that we know you could be and let’s sell some newspapers from the spa

First salon - Fucked up Fairy tales - Kinky ever after

All you expressive people are invited for a night of party and play in a environment where everyone is a performer. Join the hedonistic horde in a night of prurient pleasures and artistic adventure. This is all about a transformation from everyday life, and being sexy in the name of art. Take a leap of fervency into the rabbit hole and enter a fucked up fairy tale in this vivacious version of Wonderland.