Become a volunteer


Volunteering at Kinky Salon is a great way to meet people and get involved in the community, and participating gives you that warm squishy feeling of knowing you’re helping out the community you love. Remember—the volunteers are what makes Kinky Salon possible, and without you, the event wouldn’t happen, so THANK YOU! 

The following roles are crucial to the Kinky Salon events. Read on and see if any of them sound like something you would enjoy. Volunteering should 99% be based on the desire to help out and 1% on the fact that as a volunteer, you get a discount on your ticket. 

WORK IS PLAY, especially with the right people.

If you wish to volunteer, get in touch with us via We look forward to hearing from you, you sexy beast!


The morning of the day of the party, we need a crew of 4-5 people to help collect all of our equipment from storage and bring it to the party venue. At least 1 person must have a driver's license and must pick up and drive the rental van, as well as return it the next day. Kinky Salon of course pays for the rental and gas. 

Skills: This role is for you who don't mind a bit of heavy lifting. In fact, this is a great morning workout. 

Time: Usually 9.30-11.30 am. 

Setup and deco

On the day of the party, we need a crew of 8-10 people (plus our core group) to help get the venue ready for OUR party. The place must be arranged and decorated according to the party theme. This is a really fun way to get a look at the venue and not least to connect with the other kinksters before the party. 

Skills: Are you creative or just really good at following instructions? This might be just for you!

Time: Usually 12-5 pm.

Toilet fairies

Even though we like it dirty, some things we prefer clean. Like toilets. 

Toilet fairies check in on the washrooms a few times during the night to make sure there's enough toilet paper and paper towels and that the washrooms look the way you'd like to find them yourself

Skills: A general respect and appreciation of good hygiene.  

Time: Regular check-ups for the duration of the party. In a team of 2.

Floor hosts

KSC is a safe space, and we take consent seriously. Before being let loose to (s)explore, all participants are given the rundown of the do's and don'ts of how to enjoy a KSC party. Throughout the night, floor hosts are available to anyone who finds themself in need of support or advice. 

Skills: You're not new to the game or KSC, and you know the ins and outs (oh my...) when it comes to S+ spaces and consent. Floor hosts must be sober.  

Time: 9 pm.-3 am. in shifts of 1.5 hours in teams of 2. 

Bar crew

The bar at Kinky Salon is donation-based. This means that all attendees each bring a contribution. This way, no one has to fiddle around with money during the party and we can concentrate on having fun. The bartenders arrange the bar at the Bar Manager's directions and serve the other participants

Bartenders must show good judgment. Kinky Salon parties are not the place to get shit-faced, they're only fun if everyone is able to give and withdraw consent. A good bartender knows when someone has had enough.  

All bar staff must attend a Bar Crew Briefing prior to the party, which is usually held at 8 pm.

Skills: You're a people person and you keep a clear head.  

Time: 9 pm.-3 am. in shifts of 1.5 hours.


After the party, we need a crew of 8-10 people (plus our core group) to take down everything and pack it back into the van. A general cleanup is done by us, and the proper cleaning is taken care of by the venue. 

Once the venue is cleared, we need a crew of 4-5 people to get all our gear back to the storage room, and the driver must return the rental van. Kinky Salon of course pays for the rental and gas. 

And we promise, it's more fun than it sounds! 

Skills: You're not afraid of sticky floors and know how to swing a broom, and you always show up because you know others are relying on you.  

Time: Usually 12-5 pm. On rare occasions, takedown takes place immediately after the party due to venue limitations, but we strongly try to avoid this, because some of us want to sleep and some of us want an after-party!